Benefits of Swift over Objective-C

Migrating to Swift
Benefits of Swift over Objective-C
Benefits of Swift over Objective-C

Apple appears to have big goals for Swift. Now we will introduce some points for you, to understand why you should start using Swift instead of Objective–C.

1.  Swift is easier to read

Swift code more closely resembles simple English, which enables developers to spend far less time looking for problematic code.

2.  Swift is safer

Using Swift, you can compile and fix the errors while writing the code, which is not possible in Objective-C. As a result, Swift works better and faster compared to Objective-C when it comes to bug testing.

3.  Swift is faster

Swift also provides different speed advantages during development, in turn, saving on costs. A complex object sort, for example, will run 3.9x faster than an implementation of the same algorithm in Python. That’s also better than Objective-C, which is 2.8x faster than the Python version.

4.  Swift is easier to maintain

In Objective-C, you have to manually synchronize method names and comments between files. While in Swift, programmers can spend more time creating app logic and improving the quality of their code.

5.  Swift requires less code

For example, when working with Objective-C, you’ll need to combine two strings which make it lengthy. With Swift, you just need to add the ‘+’ sign to join two strings.

6.  Swift supports dynamic libraries

This tool allows current Swift apps to link against newer versions of the Swift language as it develops over time. Dynamic libraries in Swift are directly uploaded to the memory, cutting down on the initial size of the app and ultimately increasing app performance.

Advantages of SwiftUI

A. Dark mode
SwiftUI lets you easily control themes. For example, developers can easily add dark mode to their apps and set it as the default theme, and users can enable dark mode.

B. Connection with UIKit
It can be integrated with UIKit using UIHostingController, whereas Objective-C can’t.

C. Live preview
SwiftUI provides developers a live preview. This is a very helpful tool, which lets developers see the result of code in real-time, without building a project.

D. Fewer codes
SwiftUI uses fewer codes for larger purposes. With its declarative property changes will reflect immediately you don’t have to compile every time.

E. Easy to understand
SwiftUI is very easy to learn and understand. So, looking at the code developers can easily understand what’s happening.